Wyoming + Kanye’s (Wild) West

Wyoming + Kanye’s (Wild) West

Over the last few days, Wyoming has been trending in a major way. To which we offer a tip of our (now spray-painted with Wyoming across the front) cowboy hats and say, “Thanks Kanye.”

Regardless of your level of affection for Kanye West, we’re currently in the camp of “Thanks for helping people discover Wyoming and how beautiful it is, Kanye West.” While we were not invited (dang it) and did not attend (dang it) the listening party for his latest album Ye, we are innately familiar with Jackson, Wyoming and the beautiful backdrop for the party provided by the Teton Mountains. And as you can imagine, we have been fielding questions that include musings about why in the world Kanye would record his album in Wyoming, smack a photo of the Tetons across the cover and have his listening party in a field in Wyoming…?

To answer those burning questions, we’ve come up with 8 reasons (we think) Kanye West chose Wyoming to create, record and launch his latest album.

1. The Tetons.

Real talk: have you seen these things? These mountains are the landscapes that people dream of, fascinate about and stand in complete and total awe of…no matter how many times you see them, they keep serving up inspiration time after time.

Grand Teton National Park.

2. To Prove Wyoming is Indeed a Real Place.

Chances are, Kanye heard you jokers talking about if Wyoming was even a real place (nice one, internet). Well, he heard you naysayers loud and clear and likely had enough of your comments and jokes and didn’t like you talking smack on his boo, Wyoming. In case you’re keeping score, it’s now Kanye: 1 million – Wyoming Conspiracy Theorists: 0.

Real life in Wyoming. Photo: Brandon Eckroth

3. The World’s Most Beautiful Airport.

Okay, you may be wondering why in the world an airport would be part of a reason to record an album. But you guys, you have to see the views flying into Jackson Hole Regional Airport. If we were recording artists, we would pick Jackson to record our album based on the views from the plane alone.

The view coming into Jackson. Courtesy of @LoneStar.Looking.Glass Instagram story.

4. Nature, Ye.

Wyoming has been serving as an inspiration for creators and artists for years. Some of the best artists of our time have come to Wyoming to find inspiration, including Ernest Hemingway, C.J. Box and now Kanye West.

Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone National Park. Credit: Yellowstone National Park Flickr

5. Wyoming Loves Creators. And Spray Paint.

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s spray paint… specifically when spray painting techniques are used on shirts. For real though guys, we love to see the creativity that crops up from just being in Wyoming, whether that means spray paint on florescent shirts a la Kanye or our own Wyoming-born brand of Surf Wyoming or even the boys from Go Fast Don’t Die. Art is art, people.

@BradyTilDeath in his Go Fast Don’t Die line of clothing.

6. Around Here, You’re Just Another Person.

One of the best attributes about the West is that sometimes, we’re not up with the latest trends. Sure, that means that maybe we’re just now hearing about the small sunglasses craze or that gluten-free diets are a real thing, but it also means that whether you have $1 or $79 million, in Wyoming we’re going to treat you how we treat everyone else–with kindness, hospitality and a warm western welcome. Because that’s just how we do it around here, folks.

A group of friends at Devils Tower National Monument. Photo: Cameron Premo

7. To Show Everyone How Instagram-Worthy Wyoming is.

We know that Kanye thrives on the space to be creative and has a certain aesthetic. If we were betting people, we’d wager to say that he wanted to introduce his pals to a place where no filter is needed in life, on Instagram or elsewhere.

A sampling of photos from @VisitWyoming’s Instagram account.

8. It Provides a Feeling of Home, No Matter Where You’re From.

With room to roam and a wild spirit that still prevails, all types of travelers seem to find a feeling of home in Wyoming. Whether it’s your first time standing at the foot of Devils Tower National Monument or watching a pow wow on the Wind River Indian Reservation, these lands continue to welcome people from near and far, while accepting you just as you are at this very moment in time.

Cowboys ride at Eatons’ Ranch in Wolf, Wyoming.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve got even more reasons why Kanye may have chosen to create here in WyomingAnd if you’re still not sure how a place like Wyoming can create inspiration, we’ll leave you with this quote from our friend and Wyoming author Sam Morton, “Wyoming is a testimony to what happens to people when you give them enough space.”

Happy trails, from Wyoming to you.

Published at Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:56:10 +0000