Hikes, Bikes & Sights: HuffPost’s Listen To America Tour Stops In Casper

Hikes, Bikes & Sights: HuffPost’s Listen To America Tour Stops In Casper

Rolling into week six of our Listen To America road trip, HuffPost took a breath of fresh air in Casper, Wyoming.

Many come to Casper to experience the great outdoors, which you can enjoy any number of ways. There are dozens of biking and hiking trails across Casper Mountain, or you can take a ride down the North Platte River. Casper appeals to all sorts of fishers, ski fans and adrenaline junkies.

The city’s trails aren’t just enjoyable and gorgeous ― they’re also historical! Casper was once the only point of convergence between the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express trails.

HuffPost is hitting the road this fall to interview people about their hopes, dreams, fears ― and what it means to be American today.

HuffPost hiked and ventured around Casper, stopping by David Street Station to talk to locals. We also held a panel at Frontier Brewing Company about what Wyoming schools can do for funds in a post-bust economy. You can take a look at our time in Casper below:

  • People talk at the HuffPost tents during HuffPost's visit to Casper, Wyoming, on Oct. 13, 2017, as part of
  • Sarah Rudkin signs up to be interviewed.
  • Melanie Urwiller is interviewed during HuffPost's visit to Casper.
  • Chad Pollock, Trenton Reynolds and Mallory Pollock play a jumbo game of Jenga.
  • Trenton Reynolds plays a game of jumbo Jenga.
  • Mallory Pollock, Trenton Reynolds and Chad Pollock try to find a loose block while playing a game of Jenga.
  • JM Rieger interviews people during HuffPost's visit to Casper.
  • The U.S. and Wyoming state flags in Casper.
  • Casper Mountain as seen from town.
  • Moderator Seth Klamann, along with panelists Dicky Shanor, Dirk Andrews, Chris Rothfuss, Bill Landen and Rachael Schuh, take
  • Dirk Andrews answers questions.
  • Audience members at 
  • Dicky Shanor speaks during
  • Becky Corkill asks questions of the panel at
  • Moderator Seth Klamann asks questions of the panelists.
  • State Sen. Bill Landen (R) speaks during
  • Mark Russ asks questions during

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